Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your hours of operation?
A: 8pm-2:30am 7 days a week

Q: Do you offer bachelor party discounts?
A: Depending on the size of party and time of visit, the club will make every effort to discount admission and provide a memorable celebration. Call 206-342-9160 or visit the club to speak to a manager about current offers.

Q: Is it an 18 or 21 and over club?
A: 18+ with valid ID

Q: What’s your cover charge?
A: Entrance fee is $35.

Q: How old do you need to be to audition?
A: 18+ with valid ID

Q: When are auditions held?
A: Management can accommodate auditions most days and hours of open business. Please call 206-623-0183 or visit club to speak with a manager about auditions.

Q: What is the audition process?
A: Auditions scheduled daily upon request. Call 206-342-9160, ask to speak with manager for info.

Q: How much for a private dance?
A: Private dances are $30.

Q: How much is a VIP room?
A: VIP Rooms with the entertainer of your choice start at $200 for 15 minutes (1 patron, 1 entertainer) and increase due to longer time, extra guest, or dancers etc.

Q: Do you have a lost and found?
A: Valuables are generally kept up to a week, if found, in a secure location determined by club management. Please call 206-342-9160 or visit the club to speak to a manager about lost items.

Q: Is it a fully nude club?
A: Most STAGE PERFOMANCES are fully nude

Q: What is your dress code?
A: Casual attire is ok.